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The trekking in Ossola has no limits!

Excursions in Ossola and Maggiore Lake

From the wildest valleys to the most touristic and popular, Ossola is a paradise for nature and trekking lovers, the choice is not lacking! Beautiful forests, lakes, peaks and ancient paths …

Trekking Val Formazza

Val Formazza

for high mountain lovers
Valle Antrona

The Antrona Valley

wild, harsh and spectacular
Val Bognanco

Val Bognanco

for families and hikers …
Alpe Veglia

Val Divedro and Veglia

out of tourist circuits, all to be discovered!
Valle Vigezzo

The Vigezzo Valley

Trekking, tourism and beautiful woods
Valle Anzasca

Valle Anzasca

The valley of the Rose!
Valle Antigorio

Valle Antigorio

Alpeggi and trails surrounded by nature
Valle Agarina

Valle Agarina

unreachable, by true enthusiasts
Val d'Ossola

Val d’Ossola

a due passi da Domodossola
Val Grande

Val Grande

incontaminata, selvaggia, 100% natura
Valle Strona

Cusio Ossola

poco conosciuto, una piacevole sorpresa
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Fuori zona

Amici e proposte fuori Ossola
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